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The Inland Empire’s go-to source for information on water-use efficiency. Here you will find tips for increasing conservation, details on water- and money-saving rebates and, most importantly, ways to eliminate water waste. We’re glad you could join us on this journey toward a more sustainable future.

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Spring Water Saving Tips

Use a weather based irrigation controller to automatically adjust watering schedules according to climate and need.

Raise the blade on the lawn mower; longer blades of grass encourage deeper roots which require less water.

Water in the early morning or evening to minimize evaporation.

Place porous materials, such as gravel, around your garden to let water seep into the ground to plants’ roots.

Use rain barrels to capture water for later use; check for water agency rebates.

Find and fix leaks; dye tabs are a quick and simple way to check for leaky pipes.

Place mulch around gardens and planters to retain moisture.

Sweep driveways and patios clean rather than hosing them off.




Together we can help protect our most precious natural resource and set an example for other regions throughout California.


The California WaterFix is a plan to update California’s aging water delivery system to secure our future water supply. The #CAWaterFix is supported by scientists, engineers, water experts and environmental groups as a sustainable and necessary fix for some of our current water challenges. To learn more, visit iEfficient.com/ca-water-fix/ #iEfficient #CAWater #CaliforniaWaterFix ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s #SaintPatricksDay! We bet you already knew four-leaf clovers bring good luck, but did you know tilling compacted soil can help with your outdoor water use? Compacted soil doesn't let much water into the ground, so occasional raking is a great way to keep your soil loose and your plants hydrated! #iEfficient #CAWater #OutdoorWaterSaving #StPattysDay2017 ... See MoreSee Less

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Have you taken advantage of the Qualified Water Efficiency Landscapers program? The #QWEL program is a great resource if you’re interested in making your yard more water-efficient! There are certified #QWEL graduates who can help with your landscaping needs! Visit qwel.net for more information or to find a #QWEL professional near you! #iEfficient #CAWater #InlandEmpire ... See MoreSee Less

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