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For the first time in its near 50-year history, overflow water at Lake Oroville Reservoir is sent down an emergency spillway.  Damage in the concrete in early February reduced dam releases, resulting in high storm runoff pouring into the reservoir and causing the overflow.  Lake Oroville is the heart of the State Water Project which sends water from Northern to Southern California. State water managers are monitoring the situation closely to evaluate further concrete damage and are already estimating repair costs to top $200 million, a bill that could go directly to the rate payers of Southern California.  For information information regarding Lake Oroville and the State Water Project, visit cawaterfix.com.

Winter Water Saving Tips

Loosen compacted soil by tilling or raking; ground that has dried out will repel water.

Leave your lawns a little longer; longer blades of grass encourage deeper roots which require less frequent watering.

Turn off automatic sprinkler systems; shorter days and longer nights require less outdoor watering.

Place porous materials around your garden, like gravel and pebbles, to let water seep through into the ground to your plants roots.

Use rain barrels to capture water for later use; check your local water agency for rebates.

Find and fix leaks; dye tabs are a quick and simple way to check for leaky pipes.

install a high-efficiency toilet; check your local water agency for rebates.

Sweep driveways and patios clean rather than hosing off.




Together we can help protect our most precious natural resource and set an example for other regions throughout California.


To understand what we’re doing for the future of California water, you may want to look at its past! Check out DroughtMonitor.unl.edu, where you can compare today’s weather with past years, find weather maps, and learn more about the importance of California’s weather patterns! Click the link below: droughtmonitor.unl.edu/SupplementalInfo/HistoricalWeatherData.aspx
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The Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper program teaches landscape professionals in your area all about water-use efficiency, irrigation system installation and programming, and tons of other water-wise gardening techniques so they can help transform your yard into a water-wise oasis! Visit qwel.net to find a QWEL professional near you. #EndWaterWaste #CAWater #iEfficient ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s #PresidentsDay, water savers! We're sure George Washington would have used water extra-wisely these days, and we’re sure you will too! But here are some pointers just in case: turn off automatic sprinklers or install a weather-based irrigation system. Every drop counts! #EndWaterWaste #CAWater #iEfficient ... See MoreSee Less

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Do you know where your water comes from? The California WaterFix will create a secure, sustainable, and environmentally responsible update to California’s water delivery system. Visit californiawaterfix.com to learn more. #CAWaterFix #CAWater #iEfficient ... See MoreSee Less

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