iEfficient is a collaborative conservation effort developed by water agencies and cities throughout the Inland Empire. Recognizing the need to change the way local families and businesses think about and use water, we have united to help end water waste in the Inland Empire.

Ensuring that all water needs are met regardless of climate conditions is a key commitment of water providers. For years, local agencies and cities have worked to secure our water supply by banking water in wet years, looking for new sources, rethinking the use of treated water and working with customers to conserve. But we need your help.

By sharing rebates, tips and tools to conserve water here, we hope to empower you to participate in our quest for a sustainable future. You have the power to be the most important ally.

Get to know iEfficient by looking through our site, and following us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also be part of events throughout the Inland Empire to help share conservation information and resources with as many people as possible.